Monday, March 29, 2004

Shameless Self-Promotion

You see that little grey box just to the right? There, just below the links to my email... Yeah, that's the one! Well, for those of you who have been wondering what that is, let me tell you...

That is a genuine blog belonging to someone that I have never met, nor am I ever likely to meet. In fact, odds are, I've never even heard of that particular blog before, let alone read it. Never the less, there it sits, proudly displayed for all my loyal reader (note the humorous use of the singular "reader") to see. Why, you might ask, would a seemingly random blog (for that is what I've labeled it) be displayed, nay, touted as noteworthy in the sidebar of "Musings"? Well, it's quite simple, really... I'm a BlogSnob.

Easy now... It's not as bad as it sounds. Although I would probably have come up with a better name for the idea, it is a great idea, regardless. And here's how it works...

Now that I have joined the ranks of BlogSnobs (BlogSnobbers?) world-wide, each time my blog is viewed, two things happen. First, the blog of another BlogSnob member is advertised on my page (Remember that little grey box I was talking about? Good. Just making sure I hadn't lost you). And second, my blog is advertised on the page of another member. Simple, no? In this way, people such as yourself are presented with the chance to expand your Blog horizons while tireless Bloggers such as myself get the chance to attract new readers.

So, now that you're done reading this boring Blog (there's better stuff to come, I promise), why not click on that one to your right and see what it's all about? What's that? It doesn't look interesting to you? Well, just keep refreshing this page until you see one that does! Meanwhile, I'll be here trying to think of something clever for next time... Wish me luck!
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