Saturday, April 17, 2004

Holding my breath...

There is only an hour left until Game Time, and this whole city is on edge... The Calgary Flames are heading into Game 6 with a 3-2 lead over Vancouver and could very well win their first playoff series since they won the Stanley Cup 15 years ago. Get ready for a night filled with face-paced, hard-checking hockey, and all the beer and herbicide commercials that go along with it.

I can already feel the adrenaline starting to surge through my veins. Who needs coffee at a time like this?

I apologize to those of you out there who don't follow hockey... As long as the Flames run for the Cup stays alive, I'm going to be spending my nights watching the games and my days talking about them. Like I've said before, I love this sport... I can watch any two teams go at it, just for the sake of seeing the game played. But now, with the added excitement of having my hometown team in the thick of it, well... I'm practically a man obsessed. So, forgive me if this blog becomes nothing more than a wordy "Go Flames Go!" from time to time... But it's been such a long time and I don't know when we'll see it again!

That's it for now, folks... I have to track down some beers, maybe a bowl of chips and get ready for what I hope will be the noisiest night Calgary has seen since 1989.
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