Monday, August 30, 2004

My Inner Child is a Nerd

Okay... When people you are sure never read your blog start commenting that you haven't been blogging in a while, it's time to shake off the cobwebs and get back to it...

I'd love to be able to say that I have been so incredibly busy with my jet-set lifestyle and edge-of-your-seat adventures that I haven't been able to spare the briefest moment to regale you all with the tales... But most of you know me personally and would slap me for lying!

Actually, we (my girlfriend, I, and our kids) all got away two weekends ago for our Last Get-Away of the Summer. If you can believe it, we all went to a Bed and Breakfast in the Rocky Mountains! I know, you're looking back over the last couple sentences to see if you read that right. Yep... I said "kids" and "Bed and Breakfast". Yes, people usually go to those kinds of places for quite, romantic weekends together, but it was a nice treat for the kids. We had the entire place to ourselves, too, so we weren't worried about spoiling anyone else's "quite, romantic weekend together" either. All in all, despite the fact that my girlfriend was still suffering from the bite on her, er, posterior (self-control, be respectful, self-control, be respectful, self-control...) and I was in a sour mood about nothing in particular, everyone had a pretty good time.

Of course, that only covers three days out of the 14 that it has been since I last posted. So, what else have I been doing? Why, I've been getting back in touch with my inner geek, that's what! You see, every now and then, I get this uncontrollable urge to do something with my computer. Once I had to configure it to support 4 monitors... Not because I needed it to, just because I thought it would be cool to say I did it. Nobody's said, "Hey, cool!" to that story yet, so I'm still undecided whether or not that was a waste of time... Another time I set it up so that I could watch the movies on my hard drive on a TV in a totally different room, without the use of wires or cables. I'm talking about 2.4GHz wireless video broadcast, baby! Oh yeah! With an FM remote control, no less! Full PC control on a 27" TV up to 100' away... I'm getting a little excited just remembering it! Well, as I said, the urge hit me again...

This time I was determined to get my HP Palmtop Computer working again. It's an ancient precursor to the PDA's every self-respecting geek either owns or covets nowadays... It's just bigger, bulkier, slower, less powerful, and, well, completely useless. But that's besides the point! I wanted it hooked up again! So, I set about reattaching the cables and installing the software.

I won't bore you with the details... And don't say that it's too late! Suffice it to say that, in the end, the only way I was able to get the thing connected to my desktop PC was by attaching it to another machine on my home network, then using a Remote Terminal program to access that second machine from my own. Sigh. Tedious, and it consumed a good number of evenings, but it's done. Now, I can Blog-On-The-Go and dump the text when I get home! More realistically, though... It'll probably sit on my desk for 2 months before I dig it out from under a pile of papers and pack it back in the box.

On the bright side, my inner geek has been satisfied once again... So, until it raises its nerdy head again, I'm free to live the life of a normal, healthy, 33 year-old guy with a blog.

All is right with the world.
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