Friday, November 12, 2004

Something Sucks

I am recently led to believe that my blog sucks.

Or so I've been told...

Here's the email I received:

Your blog sucks... I have this huge comment for your Analyse This: The Ringers and it wouldn't post... so here it is

Got a reunion coming up? Or it sounds like you want to randomly run into some old friends, perhaps some nicely dressed ones and tell them about your blog so you have more people commenting on your crazy dreams. What? We aren't good enough for you? Don't you like our comments. I understand we might not be witty enough for you, but come
on, we try! I know how to play volleyball, maybe not as good as some Junior high kids but you don't need to go around telling people about the blog. Before you know it there will be so many comments you won't even notice the little guys who were your loyal readers from the start. *sniff* Please coach, put me in.......

Let me clarify... It would appear that this reader actually enjoys the blog, but has a problem with the commenting system. Admittedly, Haloscan has its limits, but it's free and looks good. I think I'll keep it for now. So, if anyone else is having problems controlling their long-windedness, I encourage you to break your comments down into 2 or more smaller ones.

As for the comment itself... Maybe you're right about the "want to randomly run into some old friends" bit. I dunno. Who wouldn't, right? But what interested me most was the "loyal readers" part... No way do I think of you as the "little guys". In fact, the last part of the comment, to me, comes off as one big Ego Stroke for Cuppojoe... Which I like.

Keep it coming!
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