Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Scenes from the Forklift: We're Back, Baby!

Scenes from the what-now? Yeah, you read that right... Time for a long-overdue episode of Scenes from the Forklift.

It's not for a lack of material that I haven't spoken about work in such a long time. Rather, it has been a lack of desire and, quite frankly, lack of a forklift!

The desire part can be directly linked to the massive amount of work we've been doing lately. I'm sure I could have come up with quite a few funny stories over the last year, especially considering the daily antics of our latest crew, but did I want to? Did I really want to work myself into the ground (those of you who know me personally, stop laughing!) and then relive it as soon as I got home? Not bloody likely! Hence, no desire.

As for the forklift... Well, let's just say that 3 tons of industrial machinery can become 3 tons of industrial scrap metal if you're willing to neglect it enough. And, apparently, we were. In fact, so dedicated to this cause, we were, that we managed to do in two of them in a mere matter of months! The electric one now stands in a corner, up on blocks with its drive motor sitting on a nearby oil-soaked piece of cardboard. The motor we could move if we really wanted to, but the forklift itself remains a 10-foot tall, immobile testament to our complacency. Meanwhile, the good old sit-down propane forklift occupies another corner of the warehouse, its insides a mass of twisted metal and shredded belts that tell a sad tale of hard-livin' and scarce attention.

Yep, we done 'em in good!

But fear not, Good Reader! The day is darkest before the dawn, and I see the sun coming up... Remember how busy I said we were? Well, you can't get through that kind of workload without some heavy lifting-power. Not around here, anyway, and it seems the Powers That Be have inclined their mighty heads in our direction and noticed our need.

Have they bought us a new forklift, you wonder? Not exactly. But they've done the next best thing... They've rented us one!

Yes! At long last, Scenes from the Forklift can rise from the ashes like the mythical phoenix to entertain once again! Well, as long as the rental company is also providing service and maintenance...

Stay tuned...
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