Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Midweek Miscellaneous

Lots of people refer to Wednesday as "Hump Day". I wonder what prostitutes call it...

He Shoots, He Scores!
NHL Hockey returns tonight... Oh, baby! And, in case you haven't heard, Sport Illustrated has already picked my hometown Calgary Flames as the Stanley Cup favorite for 2006. Oh yeah! Iggy and Kipper are gonna rock the 'Dome this year!

Help Wanted
Lookin' for a job in fun, high-paying, fast-paced environment? Well, I can't help you there... But, if you live in Calgary, are lookin' for work, and don't mind having embellished stories of your workplace performance posted to the Internet, drop me an email. Who wouldn't want Cuppojoe for a boss, eh?

The Other Cup Fever
My thumbs are almost completely healed... Must be about time for Tim Horton's to bring back their Roll Up the Rim to Win contest. I swear, if I don't at least get a free cup of coffee out of them this time around, I'm gonna... Well... I'm gonna... Uh... Damn! I probably won't do anything, but I'll sure be pissed! (Curse this cursed addiction...)

War... What Is It Good For?
Can anybody help out a poor Canadian and explain the Iraq War in a non-biased, non-partisan way? I've heard about a thousand people give their fist-shaking, frustration-venting accounts, but I still don't get it. What is the fight about? Is Iraq evil? Is Bush the spawn of Satan? What's going on here? Please, just a simple breakdown is all I ask for!
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