Monday, February 13, 2006

10 Things That Bug Me in the Kitchen

1. That stepped-on piece of cooked macaroni that fuses with the bottom of my sock and forces me to drag my heal in vain for 10 minutes before I give up and finish cooking one-side barefoot.

2. The last raviolli that clings to the inside of the can while I shake little bits of sauce all over the stove-top.

3. Plastic wrap that refuses to stick to any of my containers, but will happily fold over in a heartbeat and become inseparable from itself.

4. Trying to get peanut butter from the bottom of the jar and getting more on the knife handle and my knuckles than on the blade.

5. Rice Krispies that, having been previously soaked in milk, bond with super-glue-like strength to the side of the cereal bowl and must be chiseled free.

6. Any recipe that involves boiling milk and water. It's a timebomb concoction that waits until my back is turned before instantly frothing over the top of the pot and coating the burner.

7. Cleaning burnt milk from under the burners on my stove.

8. Smoking burners that haven't been properly exorcised of their burnt milk.

9. The bags inside cereal boxes that have obviously been sealed too well. The ones that, no matter how careful I am, end up tearing open jaggedly, ensuring that every pour will include 9 pieces of cereal skittering across the counter and down beside the fridge.

10. Sinks that aren't big enough to handle a 4-day backlog of dishes... What's up with that?
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