Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Get Ready to Kiss Prince Edward Island Good-Bye

That's right... It looks like our beloved little potato-producing province's days are numbered. I sure hope Anne of Green Gables knows how to swim...

According to the "experts", and by that I mean those select individuals who appear to get some weird kick out of analyzing weather patterns, Canada is currently experiencing the warmest winter on record. In fact, they go so far as to point out that 35 of the last 36 seasons (I'll save you doing the math and tell you that amounts to almost 9 years) have been warmer than average.

It's Global Warming, people! Let the mass-panic begin! Better stock up on End-of-the-World supplies now! I saw "The Day After Tomorrow"... I know how this goes down.

Okay, okay... That's not really me. I'm no where near being that much of an extremist. To be honest, when I saw that movie, that wonderful piece of cinematic excellence, that veritable buffet for the senses (seriously, we have to work on your grasp of sarcasm...) Anyway, when I endured "The Day After Tomorrow", and I saw all that snow and ice blanketing New York City, my first thought was, "Man! They better plug in their cars tonight!"

Regardless of my level-headed approach to this "news", though, you just know there are a bunch of crackpots who are more than eager to hold it up as "proof" that the end is near and that mankind only has itself to blame. Our flagrant use of hairspray in the 80's has angered Mother Nature and she's about to get her revenge...

On a much more serious note (unusual for me, I know)... For anyone interested in a little perspective on this subject, I would highly recommend Michael Crichton's novel, "State of Fear". While it is a work of fiction, Crichton has not only based much of it on factual articles, journals, and the like, but has taken the time to footnote these references where possible. The story itself is a definite eye-opener, to be sure.

Give it a try... Besides, what else are you going to do when the power goes out?
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