Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Spotlight: Wudrich

This being Sunday and me knowing about this cool new blog I want to throw a spotlight on, I thought I'd go out on a creative limb with this oh-so-clever title... I'm crazy like that. So crazy, in fact, that I'm hoping to make this a regular feature here at the Mind.

Of course, the word "regular" should in no way be taken to mean that this feature will appear on a consistent or frequent basis. I'm nothing if not a man who knows his limitations. Anyway...

Do you like movies? Music? How about TV shows? Yeah, of course you do... We all do! But I can honestly say I've never met somebody who likes all those things as much as Wudrich. This guy is like a giant media sponge! You'll already be familiar with this phenomenon if you've ever taken the time to click on Wudrich's Rants and Reviews in my Daily Reads. If you haven't, don't bother looking for it now... it's gone. You had your chance. In its place is the re-vamped and re-named Wudrich.

Gone is the stark white, advertisement-cluttered Angelfire journal with the annoying pop-ups... Now a part of the BlogSpot "big leagues", Wudrich sports a sleek, sexy new template that is much easier on the eyes and far better suited to the main theme of this blog: An in-depth analysis of all things entertainment.

One of the things I like best about Wudrich's reviews is what I call the Common Man Breakdown. He doesn't rate movies on an arbitrary 4- or 5-star scale... He doesn't leave you wondering about the grey area between a thumbs-up and a thumbs-down... He gets right to the point and tells you what you really need to know: Buy It, Rent It, or Skip It. Although this might look more like a rating system for DVD's than theatrical releases, think about it for a second: If it's the kind of movie you'd want to own, go see it in the theatre. If it's purely rental quality, wait for the DVD.

I think Skip It pretty much speaks for itself.

Another great thing about Wudrich is the guy's broad range of taste. If I had to put a word to his movie, music, and TV preferences, it would be "eclectic", not only because it's the right word, but because I spent a whole 3 minutes looking it up to make sure it was the right word and time is money, baby! There's nothing worse than reading a review written by somebody who you just know never strays from one corner of his local Blockbuster Video... "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: No spaceships... It sucked!" Well, you won't find that at Wudrich. Sci-Fi, Drama, Chick Flicks, you name it... He'll give you the low-down on all of them without prejudice.

As a bonus, Wudrich is also quite the budding photographer... Seriously. He's got a great digital camera, and he's not afraid use it. So look for a showcase of his work in his "Photo Friday" posts.

Are you still here? Come on! I've left more than enough links to this great new site... Get clicking! Just remember to tell him Cuppojoe sent you so I can tell him he owes me one...
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