Monday, May 29, 2006

Boiled Flower Garden, Anyone?

I swear to you, my office smells like someone boiled a flower garden and dumped the water all over my desk.

Today is my 49th day without caffeine and, as such, I have had to be a little more creative than usual with my choice of hot drinks. For a couple weeks, I drank chamomile or apple cinnamon herbal teas that I purchased from Tim Horton's. Not bad at first, but I was glad to finally see the end of those tea bags last week, I'll tell you! "Chamomile" is now my word for "completely lacking in excitement, flavour, or inspiration" and I'll happily stay away from anything with cinnamon in it for a while.

So, last night, as I was picking up a few groceries for the week, I stopped to see what other sorts of teas there might be. Of course, outside of Orange Pekoe or Earl Grey, I'm a complete noob when it comes to these things. Which meant that I just stood and stared at row after row of those little boxes and tins for what seemed like forever. My eyes eventually fell upon a selection of Green Teas and, Green Tea being something I'd never tried before, I chose a variety pack that included things like "Green Tea and Raspberry" or "Green Tea and Peach". Not the most manly sounding drinks, I'll admit, but worth a go.

The Raspberry was my first try this morning, right after I arrived at work. Not bad, I must admit. Definitely more bitter than any of the herbals I've been drinking lately and, for a guy who likes his coffee, a pleasant change. But the one I've just brewed now is a totally different story...

It's called "Green Tea and Jasmine Flowers". And, in case you're wondering, it takes about as good as it smells.

If this doesn't shatter my willpower to stay off caffeine as long as possible, nothing will!
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