Saturday, May 27, 2006

Icefield / Jasper Weekend: Part 1

Whenever Chana and I go away, whether it be for the day, a weekend, or a full holiday, there's one thing you can always count on: There will be pictures. In fact, there will be lots of pictures. I've become something of a shutter-bug over the last couple of years and, I have to admit, I usually spend a large portion of any outing with my camera in front of my face.

On our most recent getaway, Chana and I managed to snap over 500 pictures in 3 days! Of course, as can be expected in this era of digital cameras, many of those shots are the "errors" in the "trial and error" method of photography. Still, we ended up with plenty of fascinating pictures (in my opinion) that will help us preserve the awesome memories of the trip for years to come.

Now, I not only struggled with summoning the ambition to get some of these pictures ready for the web, but also how to show them off without either uploading them all to Google or overloading my own personal webspace. I wanted to post them in a way that would allow you go see them anytime you want, no matter how far into the archives this particular blog post recedes. After much thought, I settled on setting up a Flickr account separate from the one I use for my "Photo of the Week" pictures. Since Chana and I tend to leave the city any chance we get, I'll use this account strictly for posting pictures from these little trips.

This first set of snapshots was taken during our stay at the Icefields Chalet. Clicking on any one of them will take you to the Flickr page for that photo. There you can find a description of the picture, and even see it full size for maximum effect. If you'd like to see the whole set from this "Icefield/Jasper Trip", click here. There are only 7 pictures so far, but more will be added following future blog posts. To do it all at once would not only be tiring for me, but probably a bit of an overload for you as well.

Pretty considerate guy, aren't I?

Anyway, I can only hope you enjoy looking at these photos half as much as we had taking them...
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