Thursday, June 22, 2006

Something;s Messed Up

Warning to all computer users out there... I believe I am the first to discover an insidious new virus wreaking havoc on our beloved machines.

For the past few weeks, I have noticed that I can;t seem to type apostrophes properly. Whenever I attempt this normally mundane feat, it isn;t an apostrophe I see... At first, I thought maybe I;d managed to re-map a couple of keys on my keyboard, but that can;t be it. You see, it happens no matter which computer I;m sitting at!

As of yet, haven;t figured out a fix for this perplexing problem. While I'm working on it, though, please forgive any unusual characters you might see in emails, chats, comments, or posts from me. For now, I;m pretty sure it;s an isolated character set (I;m close to figuring out exactly which ones), but you never know how these virus things work... The situation could easily get worse before it get;s betteR.
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