Sunday, October 28, 2007

Something Wicked This Way Comes

This year marks a turning point in my daughter's life. She's only 8 years old, but I'm afraid my little girl is transforming before my very eyes.

Until now, she has been all about Barbie's and cuddly stuffed animals, playing with dolls and drawing pictures of flowers and butterflies. And, when it came to Halloween, it was all unicorns, chubby elephants, and princesses.

Not so anymore.

Okay, her bedroom floor is still absolutely littered with girly girl toys, and she still likes to paint girly girl pictures with her art set. But this Halloween is going to see her take a full 180.

Since I'm the only one in the family to not have a boy, I never imagined that I'd be out shopping for a black cape, fangs, and fake blood. That's right... My little blondie will be going door-to-door this year as a vampire. Sure, she'll be a girl vampire, but she'll be a little blood-sucking, bat-loving, cape-flourishing vampire none the less.

I can only hope this is a Halloween thing... I don't think I could handle being the father of the Littlest Goth in Elementary...
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