Monday, November 10, 2003

"Everything that has a beginning, also has an end."

So, I paid the $21.00 matinee price for me and my ever-so-cool girlfriend to see The Matrix Revolutions this weekend. I had steadfastly avoided all conversations with friends who had seen it already (no repeat of the mistake made with The Sixth Sense...) and ignored all the bad reviews vying for my attention. I made sure NOT to buy the extra large Coke that would otherwise have me squirming in my seat an hour into the show, and settled in to see (after 20 agonizing minutes of commercials and previews, of course) if any of the speculations I had following Reloaded would pan out.

Well, despite the fact that the special effects had me so mesmerized that I (literally) choked on my own drool (which, for the record, isn't the coolest thing to do in the presence of one's girlfriend), I have to say that I left the theatre feeling like I should have seen more. In fact, not a single one of my theories was realized, leaving me wonder if, somehow, I had been imbued with a greater creative talent than the great Wachowski Brothers themselves. Instead, it seemed as if Neo simply summed the entire trilogy up with a flurry of fists and a few softly-spoken platitudes, wrapped it in a pretty bow, and handed it to the audience. Roll credits.

All in all, definitely NOT what I was expecting. Although, the Wachowskis said no one would predict the ending and, in that at least, they were right.

So, here's my completely unsolicited recommendation to the rest of the populous who hasn't witnessed this "end"... If you're a fan of the Matrix at all, you must see Revolutions... which goes without saying (but I apparently couldn't resist saying it anyway). However, you might wish catch the matinee or cheap Tuesday, forego the $35 in greasy popcorn and watered down fountain pop, and grab a nice meal somewhere after the show. Trust me, you WILL be left hungry.
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