Thursday, April 22, 2004

High Speed Update

Hockeytown Meets Cowtown
The Calgary Flames have managed to steal Game One from the Detroit Red Wings in yet another overtime match-up. While so far lacking the intensity of the Flames-Canucks series, this one has potential...

"Calling Nurse Cuppojoe..."
Well gang, I'll be spending the rest of this week, along with the weekend, taking care of the bravest girlfriend a guy could ask for. She's just had Laser Eye Surgery to finally rid herself of the glasses she's been burdened with since childhood. Yep, the ol' rims got to be too much of a pain, so she traded 'em in for having a guy tape her eyelids to her eyebrows, cut and peel back her corneas, and fire a laser into her eyes. Best quote from the doctor? "Don't worry if you smell burning flesh... That's normal." Okay...

Move Over, Not-So-Hotmail
I, too, have just joined the ranks of GMail Beta users and I have one word: Awesome. It's just like those first days of email, when we were all still amazed we could send messages around the world in the blink of an eye. With all the emails I handle at work and at home now, I thought those days of wonderment were gone for good. I should have known Google would find a way to knock my socks off again!

3 Weeks and Counting
If any of you are still keeping track (and I doubt you are), then you're aware that I've now gone without my beloved coffee for a full 21 days. That's right... My resolve is still strong. In fact, I can almost get through a day without thinking about it now. I'm noticing that I have much higher energy levels and they are more evened out, instead of spiking and dipping all the time. I figure I'll keep this up 'til I no longer see any more improvements, then I'll re-acquaint myself with the Greatest Drink on Earth.

From the Workplace
Rockstar, a long-time member of our company's Purchase Coercion Unit has acquired a lovely new debt for himself, which he had fashioned in the shape of a wristwatch. This should help him stand out better at the Supermarket while perusing the variety of fine Macaroni and Cheese dinners now available under his revised Personal Budget Plan for 2004...
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