Thursday, May 13, 2004

Heart-Racing Goodness

I have just discovered the coolest thing! Are you ready for this? No, seriously... Are you ready? This could well be the greatest thing since sliced bread... And let's face it, sliced bread is pretty damn cool.

I have discovered... Drum roll, please... Caffeinated mints and caffeinated gum! Is that awesome, or what?!? As if it weren't enough already that this planet is blessed by the goodness of coffee, now I can get my fix in a little candy or simply chew my way to jittery bliss!

Rockstar (you'll remember him from Scenes from the Forklift) turned me on to this incredible line of products from Penguin. It turns out that one of his clients also markets some of these wonderful goodies here in Canada. Talk about my lucky break! In truth, I have only tried the Cinnamon Mints, but I have serious plans to get my hands on the Chocolate Mints, the Peppermints, and every flavor of Energy Gum I can... Thank goodness the Great Decaffeination is over, eh?

Once I've had the chance to sample the full range that Penguin has to offer (and as soon as I can see straight enough to type again), I promise to post a full review for you to check out...
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