Saturday, May 15, 2004

By Google, By Golly!

I've noticed a very interesting trend over the past few days with the hits I'm receiving here at "Musings..." It seems that a large number of people are using Google (and other search engines) to find pages relating to "Calgary Flames 17th Ave girls gone wild". Now, I know that I've been writing about the Flames a lot of late, and I'm sure I've mentioned the celebrations that occur along 17th Ave on game nights... Hey, it's likely that I've even used the words "girls", "gone", and "wild" at some point. So, it's no mystery how people are being directed to my page... My question is, "Why?"

Now, I'm not going to play innocent here... I realize that people want to see pictures of girls on 17th Ave "going wild" with the current success of the Calgary Flames. Perhaps there is some sort of Mardi Gras-esque atmosphere down there these days with all the breast-baring that implies. In fact, I can think of nothing else that would inspire people to set out on such web searches as mentioned above. But, you'd think that, since I'm from Calgary, and I'm right in the midst of all the Flames hype, I would have heard of this by now! But I haven't... Not really. I did mention these bizarre Google referrals to Rockstar yesterday, and he mentioned something about bare breasts... Come to think of it, he lives just off 17th Ave... Hmm...

Oh well, it's neither here nor there, really. Just an odd observation on my part, I guess. I would, however, like to say the following to those of you who have found yourself here by accident:

Thanks for dropping in... Sorry I couldn't give you what you were looking for... But, once you're "finished" with that other obsession, why not pop back in and take a look around? You never know, you just might like it!
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