Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Down, But Not Out

I'm alive... barely.

If you've been checking in at Musings lately, you might be under the impression that I simply couldn't go on after the Flames failed to bring the Stanley Cup back to Calgary with them. I assure you, however, that is not the case... In fact, I got over that pretty fast, all things considered.

If you are a regular reader, though, and have been following the Scenes from the Forklift, you may have figured out that I've been too busy to blog lately. And in this you'd be mostly correct.

To tell you the truth, my disturbing lack of presence can be blamed on sheer fatigue and nothing new to say. The past week and a half has been nothing but the same old song and dance in the warehouse... Too much work, too few people. So, I figured I wouldn't bore you... Ain't I just the greatest?

I can say, however, that there are things stirring in Cuppojoe's life, things which will definitely warrant a blog or two... So, until then, I now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast already in progress...
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