Friday, June 25, 2004

Scenes from the Forklift: Supper Hero No More

It has been a sad week in MSA One... The great CK, infamous self-proclaimed Supper Hero, is no longer with us. Alas, as of last Thursday, he has gone on to bigger, better, and (hopefully) less tiring things, leaving myself and Doogie Howser, the Shipper Boy Genius, to hold down the fort for the summer...

Has the Hive Mind we call Management completely flipped their lids?!? We're expected to run a full-time warehouse on only 2 guys? No, I don't see any problem with that plan of action... Do you? I'm sure everything will get done accurately and we'll be the Model of Efficiency. Yeah, right. Of course, we have been promised for the past 6 months that they will be hiring more people as soon as they get some decent resumes. Hello! This is a warehouse folks! A "decent resume" for a job here would be any one that indicates the applicant is still living... Period.

Anyway, I don't really want this post to be a rant about the Company, so I'll just leave it at that. More about me...

The Great Unboxing and Reboxing Escapade has finally come to an end, but not without certain consequences... The Department of Inbound Deliveries (DID) has taken on the look of a scrap yard. There are computers, monitors, and printers from every stage of technology over the last 12 years just piled on skids and strewn about my half of MSA One. Basically, I have about a month and a half worth of product drop-offs from a dozen different locations that I eventually have to sort through, inventory, and make ready for our Production Crew.


So, I'm really gonna miss good ol' CK in the coming weeks... Not only for his vast knowledge of music and his domination in Name That Tune... Not just for his He-Man cartoon collection that kept us amused at lunch... And not only for his "let's just get it done" approach to a task. No, I think I'm going to miss him most of all because I just don't want to do all this work by myself! Help!!!

By the way, if you're reading this, and you live in Calgary, and you're looking for a job, drop me an email... Please!

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