Monday, May 08, 2006

Revelation: Part One

The codes have been cracked! The puzzles are solved! And, most importantly, the secret has been discovered! All that remains is to reveal it to the rest of you...

Wudrich emailed me early Friday morning with his very analytical breakdown of all the clues given, summarizing with an accurate deduction as to the nature of my clean little secret. I'm quite happy that he did, too, because the next puzzle would have involved me breaking into the Louvre and defacing some highly prized works of art and I was beginning to get cold feet about the whole thing!

Unfortunately, a busy weekend prevented me from posting this any sooner... But better late than never, right? So, without further ado, here is Wudrich's email, word-for-word:

Everything in quotes is direct from your page

"I have a secret." - Not anymore.

"It's not a dirty little secret. True, it is a relatively small one, but quite clean, really." - Depends on which part you talk about. That filter is questionable.

"Some people already know my secret, but I've been lying to the rest of you for 16 days now." - here is where it gets interesting.

"For the first few days, my secret was nothing but one big headache... First there was the dull throbbing in my forehead, followed by tension around my temples. Before long, it was the sharp, stabbing pain behind my left eye that I've come to know as a "cluster migraine"." - also known as Caffeine withdrawl

"... I still can't seem to get it off my mind. I get up in the morning, shower, dress, and start thinking about my secret." - What else do you think of after doing those things.

"... friendship began when I was 16 years old... (...if I'm not mistaken, over breakfast) that a long-lasting relationship was forged." - Or perhaps Folgered?

"... in High School, I really only saw my friend on weekends. In college, we were practically inseparable. When I was unemployed, we got together a lot less frequently." - obviously the last due to lack of funds.

"... I've become more of a "home body", put on some much-needed weight, (I'd say) and become a Dad. My friend hasn't really done anything dramatic, per se, but has definitely become a lot less complicated than when we met. In fact, I think some of the very things that I found most appealing originally are completely gone now. Yet the friendship remains because I can appreciate this friend for what they really are when everything else is stripped away." - hmmm some body went black and didn't go back.

"Lately, though, I've been thinking that maybe we hang out together too much." - oh addiction, is there anything better

"I've recently found myself feeling kind of "needy" toward my friend, and I don't want to be that person." - Isn't admitting it the first step?

"So, I decided to "take a break" " - step two

In conclusion Dr. Watson the black liquid in the large cup is the culprit. Hopefully going on 25 days now you have quit the coffee habit and are no longer a caffeinated mind, well maybe not completely. You never know how long it takes for its affects to wear off and those cola products can offer a substitute. Well, I say congratulations if I am right or "wwwhhhaaaaatttt????" if I am wrong. Either way I can't wait for more clues.

Well, since the secret is out, there won't be any more clues. However, there are more details to follow... I promise...

Stay tuned...
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