Monday, May 17, 2004

Selected Monday Musings

Light 'Em Up!
As I sit down to write this, the horns are still honking up and down the street to celebrate the latest Flames victory over the Sharks. Despite a dismal and depressing "performance" at the Saddledome for Games 3 and 4, Calgary has bounced back with a vengeance to secure a 3-2 lead in the series and the chance to send the Sharks packing as early as Wednesday night.

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition
You can't help but notice the changes "Musings..." has undergone in the past few days... Thanks to the recent improvements in Blogger, I was inspired to adopt a whole new look and feel for the page, along with a little info about myself. I wasn't too sure about the picture, though... I thought it might make it seem too much like a Personals ad and, although that is how I met my girlfriend, I have no further interest in those kind of hits! Also, I'm afraid I had to ditch all of the comments left over the past few months, since I opted to use Blogger's Comments feature instead of the old Haloscan. Anyway, browse around and feel free to let me know what you think. Especially check out my BlogRoll if you have the time...

Drool On My Pillow
I had a very strange dream in the wee hours of the morning today. I dreamt that I was out shopping with a bunch of people, some that I know, one that I know but never hang out with, and at least one celebrity, though I can't remember who now. Anyway, as we were about to leave the store, I decided I wanted a pack of gum and began searching those little racks of candy and chocolate bars they usually have right beside the cashiers. My eyes landed on a huge pack of Bubblicious in a yellow package with red and orange lettering... The flavor was "Strawberry Orgy Coffee Bean". I couldn't believe my luck! Another caffeinated gum! I ran out of the store to show my friends, thinking all along that I couldn't wait to write a blog about my find. So, what is more disturbing? My obsession with caffeine, my obsession with blogging, or the use of the word "orgy" on a food product???
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