Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Scatterbrained Monologues

So, I have this friend... I've known him now for something like 17 years, or so, and we seem to be "on the same wavelength" most of the time. We often have long talks about things that would absolutely bore anybody else, but we "get each other". I suppose that's one of the biggest reasons we are friends. However, there are times when he goes off in a completely different direction, intellectually speaking, and just makes me laugh.

The other day, I was chatting with this friend on MSN. At one point, I had to step away from my computer for a while. As usual, I provided the necessary courtesy of a "BRB" message, just to let him know he could stop talking for a bit. But do you think he did? Nope. Instead, he chose to just keep on typing, to my eventual amusement.

Below is an excerpt of what I found when I sat back down at my keyboard. Just to let you know, he was in the middle of commenting on my post "Kids These Days"...

[14:58] Nav: hahaha There is no superwoman. It was SuperGIRL
[14:58] Nav: duh!
[14:58] Nav: haha thats bloody brilliant
[15:00] Nav: the sutext in your blog is rapidly becoming longer than the text itself
[15:00] Nav: bubtext*
[15:00] Nav: SUBtext*
[15:00] Nav: dammit
[15:00] Nav: You cant have bubtext, unless you know a guy named bub
[15:01] Nav: In which case i can understand why you'd cleverly hide the words, instead of addressing them directly to him
[15:01] Nav: If I was anmed bub, i'd want a low profile, for sure
[15:01] Nav: NAMED bub
[15:01] Nav: maybe Anmed Bub is his full name
[15:02] Nav: Hello there my friend. I'm Anmed Bub. And who might you be being today?
[15:03] Nav: Nav once again proves that he is master of the scatterbrained monologue
[15:03] Nav: It's free ascociation day
[15:04] Nav: !! ...
[15:08] Nav: anyway, back to the subtext thing, your blog says more about the disassos... err never mind. woudl ruin the stark beauty of it to flesh it oui
[15:08] Nav: out*
[15:08] Nav: I like to flesh it, oui?
[15:08] Nav: paddon moi, but i like to Flesh it! oui, oui!
[15:09] Nav: ugh. Flesh it. Fl Flesh it real good!
[15:09] Nav: ugh Flesh it! Fl-flesh it real good!
[15:10] Nav: So i was with this babe the other night, fleshing it, if you know what i mean
[15:10] Nav: ayy. It's a Moo point

I dunno... For some reason, this stuff just cracks me up...
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